December 14, 2018

Welcome to FCSWCAHA Foundation, Inc.

   "Providing Welfare and Hope for the Future"

Millions of women and children in Africa are really suffering from HIV disease and dying every day. Statistics shows that 91% of the world's HIV- positive children live in Africa. 40-60% of children are orphaned as a result of the epidemic. They are often cared for by their grandparents, usually their grandmothers.

These mothers and grandmothers are helpless and most of them live in isolation in a rural areas. How can they properly feed, clothe and educate the children in their care?

Our foundation will be reaching out to some of the countries with the highest number of HIV infected people, such as: Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Kenya, Cameroon, and Democratic Republic of the Congo and Nigeria.

It is very heart broken and devastating how these women and children die every day from these disease. To add to their sufferings, they struggle to feed 3 times a day. Most of them die not because of the disease they have, but due to lack of adequate food and malnutrition.

Mission Statement
FCSWCAHA Foundation mission is to Empower HIV positive women and children in Africa. Help to keep them alive by providing welfare support for their daily needs.These women and children are desperately in need of our help, love and compassion. They count on us to rescue them from the bondage of malnutrition. 
Our organization targets and focuses on meeting their needs and many more in other African countries, whether they are directly affected or orphaned due to the disease. 
Goals & Objectives                                                      

FCSWCAHA exists to provide quality food, clothes, shoes, for women and children. School uniforms, supplies, computers and scholarship for the children through sustainable community projects. By these gesture; they don’t have to worry about where their next meal will come from or how to clothe and buy school supplies to educate their children. We will help to ease their pains and sufferings. This gives them the Sense of Belonging, Will for Living and  Hope for a Cure.

Your gift will help feed, clothe families and educate children.
Your $10 feed a family of two for two days.
Any gift makes a great impact!
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