September 20, 2018
Our Projects

To ensure that we carry out our mission effectively and precisely, we divided our projects into four main category. Which are the following:
Food Project
Food is very essential to every living being. It's is the most important necessities of life, especially for women and children who are affected by this deadly diseases of HIV/AIDS. Malnutrition is also very serious condition, which derive when they don't eat or don't eat adequately. Lack of food will escalate the sickness and which lead most of them to die prematurely.
Our food project is our first mission in helping these families. We will distribute food to families impacted by this misfortune. Especially those they have been living in isolation due to the stigma and rejection from their friends and family.
No one to show them love, compassion and care. They are left alone to die just because they have these disease or their love ones are diagnosed with it.

Clothing and Shoes Project
The clothing and shoe project is second in our distribution category. Clothes and shoes are important for human being well being. Wearing torn, dirty clothes and shoes, or walking bear-footed are not healthy and can contribute to their exposure to infections.
We will be distributing out New or Used clothes and shoes to as many as possible in the field, This will at least put a smile on their faces.
School Supplies and Uniforms Project 
Volunteers Distributing Notebooks to Public Primary Schools Students 
The foundation of basic requirements to have a quality future starts with education.
Some of the children/students in most African countries lack proper tools and equipment for their learning. They have no means of utilizing a computer or
laptops as hands-on way of training.                  
Their families have just little to feed with, let alone afford to buy the necessary materials for their education.
                                                                Volunteers Distributing Notebooks to
Public Primary School Students
  • Our organization will distribute Notebooks, Pens and Pencils to Primary school students.    
  • School Uniforms will be shared among students that always wear torn and worn out uniforms to school, because their parents cannot afford to buy them a new uniform.
  • Computers and Laptops will be donated to Public Primary schools in Africa. This will help the children in their learning, and develop their full potential as leaders of tomorrow.
When they have these supplies it will help them to concentrate, keep focused, and learn value of academic achievement while having fun learning. 
Scholarship Project

The Scholarship project is the advance stage of our mission. We plan of collaborating with some top private individuals in the community to implement the scholarship program. With there help and support we will be able to allocate scholarship to 10 students a year. These students must be talented, gifted, and hard working whose potential to be successful is their priority.
The criteria in selecting a scholarship recipient will be highly rated and conducted by the Top Lectures and Professors in the Education field. To ensure that have the academic requirement for College or University level.

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